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John started his appentiship at Baylon Gunmakers of Birmingham in 1967. He has now served over 50 years within the gun trade.


 Working several leading roles from technical manager to design and production John has a wealth of experience throughout the gun trade and has worked world wide in locations from USA, Brazil, Japan, Finland, Turkey to name but a few alongisde some of the top gun making names such as Browning and Winchester.


Not only working for others, John also completed his own range of shotguns and rifles. Starting with some box lock guns made in the 1970's progressing to the Hogan and Colbourne range of side locks made in the 1980's. A range of rifles were also made in the 1990's in the highlands of Scotland.


Over the last few years John has been training his son Will and Ed with basic gunsmithing repairs and also guiding them through the mechanics and understanding of firearms.


His skill set and knowledge is second to none and has always been know for his honesty which is a fundamental of his teachings and how the buisness is run.



Starting his career as a Gamekeeper in 2003 Will has worked on estates in Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and also spent two years on a shoot in the North Island of New Zealand.


After taking a career change in 2015 Will moved from the countryside to take a role at Farlows of Pall Mall in London. Here he worked as a sales assistant and was then made assistant manager. During this time he learned about high performance products and retailing.


Having grown up under his fathers wing, Will has been in factories and around guns his entire life. It was with this in mind that after gaining experience in retailand the game industry  that the decision was made to merge with his father and create J Hogan and Son as it stands today.



Ed joined the family business back in February 2019 having left a career in Gamekeeping which took him over several loactions in the UK from his homeland of East Yorkshire to Warwickshire as well as having worked in Canada for a hunting outfitter for two seasons.


 Over the last couple of years Ed has been learning the traditional skills from John and developing all the time in his gun repair skill set. Making fantatsic progress Ed is acutely aware that the learning will never stop but agrees he is incredibly lucky to have John as a mentor.


 Ed has also taken on the small but fully stocked Air Gun departemnt within the buisness. He is happy to help set kits up to suit all budgets.


Alongside all of this Ed is fully competant in setting up centre fire rifle kits to suit each individual budget and requirements.

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